At The Blind Guyz, we are proud to offer the best in window treatments, and honeycomb cellular shades are the top of the line.

They are the most all-purpose and customizable window treatments you can put in your home. These special shades feature a unique honeycomb cell structure that creates an insulated barrier between your windows and your room, helping to keep heat and cool air inside while blocking out noise. They also provide excellent light filtration, so you can have as much or as little natural light as you like by simply adjusting the shades. Room darkening options for bedrooms or media rooms are also available. These shades fold neatly away when not in use, accordion style, and won’t obstruct your view when raised. They come in a wide variety of fabric choices to match any décor and can be elevated with either cordless lifts or remote control lifts depending on preference. Honeycomb cellular shades offer a stylish way to save energy and customize your windows to fit your style.

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