7 Amazing Benefits of Solar Shades

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As the name suggests, solar shades are a type of window covering designed to block sunlight and heat. Solar shades are a good alternative to typical window coverings like drapes and blinds for several reasons. Read on to find the top seven benefits associated with solar shades.

Keep Homes Cool and Comfortable In Summer

You’re probably familiar with how unbearable the summer heat can get. Fortunately, the right window coverings can help keep the heat out so that your indoor environment is more comfortable. Solar shades are typically made from a polyester weave, and they block heat, preventing it from entering your home and raising the temperatures inside. Overall, this enhances interior comfort. Keep in mind that in summer, the heat is not the only thing you have to worry about. The glare from the sun coming through the windows can hurt your eyes. It also hits the surfaces and reflects, which makes it hard to do things like watch TV. This can all be prevented by installing solar shades. Sun exposure through windows can also fade things like wall paint or the saturation of your wall art.

Protect the Interior From UV Damage

The heat from the sun is not the only thing you have to worry about when summer is in full swing. When harmful ultraviolet rays enter your home, they can speed up the deterioration of your furniture and other items in your home. For instance, you may notice that your upholstery, carpets, paint, and other surfaces are fading much more quickly. The good news is solar shades are great at protecting your furniture and other items, so they don’t reach the end of their life expectancy quickly.

Can Reduce Energy Costs

Cost is an important factor everyone considers when purchasing solar shades. The good news is solar shades have a relatively high ROI because they help you reduce your energy costs in the long run. That’s because solar shades keep the indoor temperature manageable when the summer heat gets too intense. They prevent heat from entering your home, meaning that your air conditioner doesn’t have to work harder. Similarly, solar shades can also help keep heat inside, reducing your heating costs and saving you money in the long run. According to Energy.gov, airtight cellular shades help reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more in heating seasons. This translates to about 10% heating energy savings.

Come In a Variety of Styles and Designs

As mentioned, solar shades are window coverings. This means they can be quite prominent or visible. Naturally, you should be concerned about aesthetics when considering whether to buy solar shades. The good news is solar shades are available in a wide variety of designs. You’ll be able to choose solar shades that have the right size, color, texture, shape, and design to match the overall look of your home. Generally, these shades have a clean and streamlined look that makes them stylish.

Allow Natural Light to Come Through

Even though solar shades are able to block the sunlight and heat, that doesn’t mean they will leave your home in total darkness. You can choose solar shades with some opacity, allowing you to enjoy the view and get some natural sunlight. With the right opacity level, you can easily balance the amount of sunlight coming into your home with the level of privacy you want.

Suitable for Office Environments

Solar shades are not just suitable for the home environment, but they also fit right into the office environment. That means you can install solar shades in your office to experience benefits like no glare when you’re working on your computer. The office is also kept cooler by the solar shades that block heat and the glare from the sunlight while still allowing some light through. That way, people can perform tasks in the workplace with minimal disturbances because the environment is comfortable.

There Are Motorized Options

If you want more sophisticated solar shades, then you can choose motorized shades. These come with a remote that allows you to control the shades instead of using a cord. You can also use a smartphone app to operate your motorized shades, which can be quite handy. Motorized shades have several advantages, including the fact that they’re convenient and help enhance your home’s protection. For instance, you can set a timer that opens or closes the shades when you’re not around. Despite this sophisticated function, solar shades are easy to measure and install. Just be sure to have a reputable professional to ensure a quality install.

These are the top benefits of solar shades that provide you with many reasons to purchase your own shades. Wondering how to pick the right shades? Contact The Blind Guyz LLC and we will be happy to help.

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