Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style?

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There comes a time when almost everything goes out of style. For example, clothing, music, and home decor have evolved and changed over the years. Window treatments are no exception; while they certainly set the mood for any room in your home, they also go in and out of fashion. One style of traditional window treatment is plantation shutters, first introduced in 18th-century homes. To put their age into perspective, the Spanish first introduced these shutters to Americans, making them an extremely common fixture in southern homes. Since they’ve been around for quite a while, the question arises: are plantation shutters in or out of style?

The Appearance of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have mostly stayed the same since their origins in Greece; however, they are no longer made of stone! Plantation shutters feature slats that run horizontally along a frame and are now made of more appropriate, modern materials such as vinyl, medium-density fibreboard, wood, or other materials. Thanks to modern engineering, most plantation shutters’ slats are attached to a hinge that allows them to open and close with a simple rod twist. Depending on personal preferences such as color and material, plantation shutters can complement various designs, working in any room and with any theme, including log cabins, beach houses, or traditional-style homes.

Are Plantation Shutters Going Out of Style?

Plantation shutter installation continues to be popular among homeowners for many reasons. While they may be seen as a “classic” window treatment, these shutters’ modern versatility and charm continue to give them a fair share of the market as a standard solution for interior design. Besides their customizability, plantation shutters are also very energy efficient because their slats trap or release hot or cold air. They are also low maintenance and have a long lifespan.

Some things are timeless, and at The Blind Guyz, we’re glad plantation shutters are one of those things. If you’re considering an installation, or want more examples of plantation shutters’ versatility, visit our website today or call us at 770-691-6071 for more information!

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