What Are Roman Shades?

Roman Shades For Windows Peachtree City GA

If you’re looking for new window treatments to accent your home’s design, there are plenty of options, from decorative blinds to elegant shutters. The market is full of choices that conveniently satisfy every taste and style of decor. However, if you are focused on look and functionality, there may be one choice that rises above the rest: roman shades.

An increasingly popular choice among designers and homeowners, roman shades are an innovative product that is safe and child-friendly because they do not use cords or dimmer rollers. Typically, roman shades are made of natural or synthetic fibers, though some are made of other materials, such as bamboo. They come in a wide variety of styles, from simple to elegant.

One of the unique features of roman shades is their broad, accordion-like pleats. These allow them to be closed and opened simply by pulling them up or down with little effort. Since there aren’t any cords or strings, roman shades have a clean, minimalist, and uncluttered appearance, making them a great addition to any interior design. 

Roman shades are also highly customizable. You can choose from different colors, patterns, and fabrics, such as linen, silk, cotton, or polyester. . There are also different fold styles and liners to choose from. Fold style lets you choose how your shades will retract and extend, while liners provide privacy or blackout options.

You can take your home design to new heights with custom roman shades. Professional designers hail roman shades as one of the best solutions for window projects: 

“Roman shades are stricter, less fussy, and more modern,” – Robert Couturier, Designer, AD100. 

“They can provide more of a clean-lined architectural look than full-length drapery in most situations. When you have built-ins and banquettes against the wall, you can’t do full-length drapery. Roman shades can cover windows without having the concerns of wall space or lack thereof.” – Abby Rodriguez, Vice President, Chelsea Workroom, New York.

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